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Store top wipe

By: ThatThereBullet 0:21 Views: 346

These 3 guys just took out my whole team before i landed.

They didn’t see it coming - team wipe x 2

By: Foobs16 0:31 Views: 4661

Back to the lobby for them!

How Dare you shoot my wife!

By: ThatThereBullet 0:17 Views: 384

Had to get him back

Hold down my hill

By: ThatThereBullet 0:48 Views: 409

Tryna advance on my team? I dont think so.

Knock knock Campers!

By: ThatThereBullet 0:15 Views: 408

They held up this buildimg for too long. They gave my team a headache. Had to Wick these dudes.