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Head Shots at 517 meter... LMG

By: ThatThereBullet 0:28 Views: 243

I got 2 long range kills here

trick shot 3.0

By: minirandombullet 5:40 Views: 499

make sure to sub and like

Random Dude out in the distance

By: ThatThereBullet 0:22 Views: 174

I just happened to see him while looking at someone else.

I did not know he was there... and appearently vice versa

By: ThatThereBullet 0:07 Views: 334

No clue how long we have been standing beside each other.

Got ya!

By: Foobs16 0:08 Views: 238

Got ya! Sniped head shot

Knock knock Campers!

By: ThatThereBullet 0:15 Views: 227

They held up this buildimg for too long. They gave my team a headache. Had to Wick these dudes.

LMG from Helo headshot

By: ThatThereBullet 0:10 Views: 270

Well i seen a dot i shot it