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R6 Compilation

By: admin 4:36 Views: 394

R6 Compilation

Modern Warefare Rumble Ownage

By: ThatThereBullet 1:21 Views: 1269

I snuck past enemy lines with suppression.

Rags to Riches

By: ThatThereBullet 2:28 Views: 407

Night game on Blood Money. Found me some rich dudes in a building.

Ever Seen a Rex Get Down?

By: ThatThereBullet 0:45 Views: 286

Hittin the dance floor XRex on Ark.

How Dare you shoot my wife!

By: ThatThereBullet 0:17 Views: 384

Had to get him back

LMG from Helo headshot

By: ThatThereBullet 0:10 Views: 455

Well i seen a dot i shot it

Store top wipe

By: ThatThereBullet 0:21 Views: 346

These 3 guys just took out my whole team before i landed.

What is that?

By: ThatThereBullet 0:11 Views: 351

Some people get way to excited to be revived.

Head Shots at 517 meter... LMG

By: ThatThereBullet 0:28 Views: 399

I got 2 long range kills here